Daniel Klibanoff on Useful Pieces of Photography Equipment

Daniel Klibanoff
3 min readDec 8, 2020


If you’re new to the world of photography, then you’re probably starting to build up your arsenal of equipment. Given that there’s so much camera equipment out there, you may be left wondering which equipment is actually necessary, especially for a beginner.

Daniel Klibanoff is a native of Asheville, North Carolina, who has been a successful entrepreneur for several decades. Outside of work, he is passionate about photography. From camera straps to UV lenses, he shares a list of important photography equipment for any photographer.

Walk Around Lens

According to entrepreneur Daniel Klibanoff, one of the most important pieces of photography equipment is a walk around lens. Ideally, if you’re carrying your camera, you also want to have this lens with you as they’re small, lightweight, and have a large focal length. This lens can shoot landscape, architecture, portrait, and events, so whether you want to capture something spontaneous or just aren’t sure what type of photographer you want to be, this is a great lens to start with. In essence, a walk around lens is extremely versatile, so if you’re out for a stroll and notice a photo opportunity, this is the lens you’ll want to use to capture it.

Lens Filters

Daniel Klibanoff asserts that lens filters are another important piece of photography equipment. Filters are used by all the professionals. They have the potential to significantly increase the quality of a photo, while simultaneously protecting your lenses from potential damage. There are three broad categories of lens filters: ultraviolet filters, polarizing filters, and natural density filters.

Ultraviolet filters are the most basic and least expensive. They help reduce haziness, but other than that their main purpose is protecting your lens. Polarizing filters are best suited to landscape photographers and are known to be incredible at sharpening the contrast between clouds and skies. They are excellent at increasing color and saturation and decreasing glare and reflections. Lastly, neutral density filters are grey toned, which reduces the amount of light hitting the lens. This is especially useful when you’re shooting in bright light conditions. As you learn more about filters and how each type works, it’s a good idea to start purchasing some to have in your arsenal.

Daniel Klibanoff on Camera Straps

The third most important piece of photography equipment? Camera straps! Daniel Klibanoff says that camera straps are extremely useful, as they provide not only a safe but also a comfortable way to carry your camera. There are plenty of different straps to choose from, all ranging in style and price. Klibanoff recommends opting for a cheaper one to start out as he finds many photographers like to have several different camera straps that they change out depending on their mood or outfit. The main thing is that you find a camera strap that is comfortable, as sometimes, especially if you’re shooting an event, you could be wearing it for hours at a time.



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